OSCAR NIGHT AT TFR– aka “The Hollywood Maidan” >>


AIRED: 02-26-2017

It’s Oscar Night at TFR! Buckle up for the blitz of Liberal Hate Speech! Meryl Streep & Michael Moore should be out in force preaching against Censorship with voices that demand everybody else conform or stay silent! Today’s guest, Joe Calhoun talks about the Hollywood’s passion for War-mongering & the neo-McCarthyism that’s sweeping sound stages everywhere. Soros couldn’t pay for better propaganda! FYI- the accompanying photo is one of the videographers tied to Hollywood’s “White Helmets” nominee for Best Picture Documentary. Turns out he moonlights as one of ISIS videographers! Here he is at the beheading of a 12 year old boy (who appears to be 8 years old). Get ready for Michael Moore to thump President Trump for denying the Director a visa to attend Hollywood’s big night! My God, that’s CENSORSHIP!

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