AIRED: 02-05-2017

Russell “Texas” Bentley joins us from the front battle lines of East Ukraine, and pulls back the shadow curtain on Soros’ Nazi allies in Kiev and Obama’s final Acts of blood lust, which “humanitarian loving” Democrats have laid as a trap for the new Trump Administration. If ever a war zone proved American voters dodged a bullet by defeating Hillary Clinton and the Project for a New American Century, it’s Ukraine and its inevitable push to World War 3 with Russia. But what a mess they made! Russell Bentley shares in graphic detail how establishment politicians fighting Soros’ Wars, in defense of Soros’ fascism, have escalated the savage fighting since John McCain & Lindsey Graham’s New Year’s visit to Ukraine. The Establishment is putting out false stories of Russian intervention, but Russell Bentley shows the resistance is strictly local and domestic. Two Million civilians have fled into Russia, escaping Ukraine’s ethnic cleansing and savage war bombardment. To know what’s real and what’s “fake news” from CNN & BBC, you’ve got to listen to Russell in his own voice! Check out his Youtube channel for videos of the fighting & support his Go Fund Me page.


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