AIRED: 01-21-2017

WE DID IT, FRIENDS! VICTORY IS OURS! Yesterday President Donald Trump swore to “take back our country for Forgotten Americans!” And the power of the globalists & neo-cons crashed down on the Establishment! Chuck Schumer was jeered; Michele Obama sulked; meanwhile in the Capitol Mall, hundreds of thousands of Americans cheered! Today’s show with Jim Fetzer, Scott Bennett & Michael Jay Anderson discusses the CIA’s battle to stop the Inauguration, and the tremendous performance by the police, Homeland Security & Secret Service, which protected the best of our Democracy without an overhanded presence. Your faithful host attended the swearing in ceremony. As usual, the media story does not jibe with what actually happened. The Inauguration was a Triumph for the First Amendment, as demonstrators exercised their voice in cordoned off streets, while the Inauguration proceeded with tremendous satisfaction and shouts of “USA! USA! USA!” so loud that the marble halls of Union Station shock at its very foundation! My friends, it was a glorious day! (THIS PHOTO APPEARED ON THE FRONT PAGE OF THE WASHINGTON POST)

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AIRED: 11-07-2021

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AIRED: 09-19-2021

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