AIRED: 12-25-2016

Christmas Greetings to All of our Family at TFR! Traveling the world again– from Damascus, Syria, our first guest, Sam Bitar, goes deep into the geo-politics of the Syrian War. We look at all the sources of tension– from the Muslim Brotherhood and Wahabist obstruction of peace, to Russia’s economic ties with Syria, and why this conflict has ignited blowback in Europe. As a constant stream of war crimes pour out of Syria– today’s bombing of a Christian church and French hospital, the poisoning of Damascus’ water supply with diesel oil two days ago; the ISIS wife who detonated her 7 year old daughter in a suicide bombing at a police station seven days ago– we all see this Jinn unleashed by Saudi Arabia and Qatar will not go back into its bottle. But Sam Bitar reminds us always this is a War of Aggression– not a Civil War. The goal is an Islamic Caliphate–not a Democracy that empowers all peoples in Syria. Peace is falling on the Syrian people like rain. The war is coming to an end, because Syrian people have refused to accept it. The Triumph in Aleppo has reclaimed the most populated city from terrorists. Hold outs for War are lost! Internet connection is lost to Syria in the second hour, but TFR’s family comes through! Our wonderful TFR friend, Rahul Varshney joins us In the bottom half of the second hour! Together we thrive! It’s a beautiful Christmas, indeed!

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