AIRED: 12-24-2016

Today’s guest, Eyad Muhtashem, shows that SIX BRUTAL Years of War have failed to destroy the spirit of resilience in the Syrian people! Today we celebrate the triumph in Aleppo this week, as government forces forced terrorists to flee Syria’s most populated city that has been decimated in the fighting. It’s been hailed as the largest civilian evacuation– 85,000 hostages used as human shields by terrorists– have been guided to safety. Now the Syrian Government Army and Russian Advisers are clearing out munitions and booby trapped buildings wired with explosives. And the call has gone out around the world for Syrians to come home & rebuild their communities. Our guest, Eyad, shares a beautiful story of Syria’s unity of faith, and tolerance of diversity of faiths that has protected all of the Syrian people together as one family for thousands of years. The war has come from outside Syria, but inside there’s a spirit of cooperation and respect. Eyad provides hopeful testimonial of the previous success of rebuilding Syrian neighborhoods already underway, as refugee families quickly return from Lebanon, and leave refugee camps to begin rebuilding their homes. Eyad provides damning testimony that Jordan & Turkey are using Syrian refugees as collateral for humanitarian aide, which has been diverted to purchase weapons for Islamic radicals. But everywhere else, the refugees are coming home– even from Europe! Peace in Syria– and the rebuilding of Syria– has begun! What a beautiful Christmas it is– This Christmas tree of lights is from Aleppo this week! The Peace has begun!

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