AIRED: 12-18-2016

The FBI’s got to hear this one! A top player in Anonymous, Commander Xanon describes the changing mores of cyber hacking in the hacktivist world. X drops serious truth debunking the Russian hacker story, breaking down the spheres of cyber-hacking, and the changing motivations. We go into the twisted lines of “black hats” vs “white hats” — and the peculiar crime of committing great wrong doing on behalf of the government, which bears no crime, as opposed to the hacktivists who expose violations of human rights by demanding transparency–who are prosecuted mercilessly! Commander X dedicated this show to Marty G, on his 75th day of hunger strike; and to Barrett Brown, who was just released from 3 years in prison for exposing cyber crimes against human rights activists all over the world by STRATFOR, Consider how much WIKILEAKS shaped America’s perspective on Hillary Clinton, by revealing her contempt for ordinary Americans and her corrupt “pay to play” politics!! Hacktivists are responsible for the Biggest Whistleblows of our age! it’s a provocative show!

website: www.behindthemaskcf.com

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