AIRED: 10-30-2016

Today’s guest, David Balaklava from Crimea pulls back the curtain on the Globalists End Game for November 8 now that Soros’ favorite, Hillary Clinton, is so obviously collapsing in the U.S elections. The globalist agenda to take down the United States is painfully obvious– and they’re not above using the same game plan they used against Russia via Ukraine. For the first 40 minutes, David talks about their disastrous intervention in Ukraine and failed attempts to demonize Russia. In fact, David shows Russia has saved the day by allowing Eastern Ukrainians to find work in Russia now that most major industries in Eastern Ukraine have been shut down. Arab refugees are a major pawn in the Globalist Game of Risk. In the second hour, we talk about the scarcely concealed intent to thwart U.S elections. So far it’s backfiring as Donald Trump has broken out of the pre-ordained mold, which so threatens Establishment elites. Now Hillary’s under threat of real indictment, her corruption no longer deniable. The media has suddenly adjusted its polling, but it seems unlikely the Globalists have actually surrendered. So what is their plan? And what rules of law could President Obama invoke to precipitate a national State of Emergency that would allow globalist-backed Democrats to hold onto power. To hell with the people! David talks about their End Game that would force Americans to accept the globalist agenda in a world facing economic disintegration and bank failures. Will Trump prevail?? Will America’s Second Amendment be enough to save the people from tyranny!?? Whatever’s coming, it does not look good! Here at Truth Frequency Radio, we will fight it together!

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My beloved friends and family at TFR— This is my last show on TFR. I can scarcely believe that 10 years ago, on Sept 7, 2013, I kicked off my first show interviewing Vince Palamara on his book, “Survivor’s Guilt” on the Kennedy assassination. Through all these years, your love and encouragement has meant the...

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