AIRED: 10-29-2016

Today’s guest, Jim Fetzer dishes dirt on why President Obama and Michelle abruptly cancelled 10 to 12 campaign events with Hillary Clinton in the final week before the Nov 8 election! And friends it is UGLY!!! Jim Fetzer explains all the sordid corruption behind the scenes, and why, even if Hillary’s elected in November, she could be under indictment by Christmas– and IMPEACHED before her swearing in! How bombshell revelations from WIKILEAKS that Hillary’s Campaign PAID $650,000 to the wife of the FBI Deputy Director McCabe, who was overseeing Hillary’s gross abuse of national security requirements through her Email Server, pretty much guarantee HIllary will be indicted. In fact, the U.S. military has exploded in OUTRAGE over the unrighteous double standard sentencing former Joint Chiefs Chair and 4 Star General Cartwright, while hurdling Hillary into the White House! Double standards are intolerable in the face of such corruption! Jim Fetzer talks election fraud, voting machine fraud,polling fraud and payoffs to 65 media journalists. Corruption never stops with HIllary Clinton. And this time she’s going down! If Hillary’s elected on November 8, there will be a Constitutional Crisis like America has never seen before! And the American people will not stay silent as corrupt leaders in the Democrat Party try to seize control of our fate. Obama’s NOT WELCOME to a THIRD TERM of Office! TV journalists who got pay offs from Hillary’s campaign deserve to go to prison with her! And so abruptly, the major networks have abandoned the polling samples provided by the Clinton Campaign! Low and behold, Hillary dropped 8 points in 4 days in the latest Washington Post/ABC poll on Friday. This election is a dead heat. And the American People are favored to win!

website: www.jamesfetzer.blogspot.com

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