AIRED: 10-16-2016

Today’s guest, Jim Fetzer delivers a highly charged interview power-packed with facts of Hillary Clinton’s corruption. Jim delivers the goods on foreign governments that paid off Hillary for favorable policy actions. We talk about the easy methods of poll rigging with examples of Reuters over-stacking the number of women respondents. The brilliant Wikileaks drops of John Podesta’s emails, including Hillary’s despicable scorn for Bernie Sanders’ “basement dwellers and baristas,” whom she has tagged a “bucket full of losers!” It’s an all out war between our heroes at WIKILEAKS & social media versus the media propagandists at CNN and ABC News. One thing’s clear: Hillary’s warchest is BANKRUPT when it comes to policy for fixing this country. That’s where Trump’s strong. The distractions stop with us. Now. Today. One of Jim’s best interviews on my show! .


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AIRED: 02-19-2023