AIRED: 10-15-2016

My guest today, Trevor LaBonte pounds on the wild distractions exploding out of Hillary’s propagandist media against Donald Trump. Hillary’s double standards are undeniable, what with Bill Clinton’s life-time of sexual predatory behavior towards women– the outright rapes, sexual assaults and sexual harassment, even public indecency. There’s always one code of law for the Clintons and another for everybody else. Ahhhh, but it’s also always a distraction from something more important. So in this interview with Trevor, we ask what is Hillary hiding?? What is she so desperate for us not to see?? Today we look at the crescendo of threats against Russia over Putin’s tight relationship with Syria. We talk about the stormy seas rocking German banks, and how globalists are panicking. We talk about the delusion of Greater Israel, and how Hillary’s worst impulses in Syria will guarantee the global War and economic collapse that bankers are so afraid of! WHO’S VOTING FOR THIS WOMAN??? WE DON’T KNOW! But we are absolutely confident that the force of Donald Trump’s passion for change can defeat Hillary’s myopic Establishment on Nov. 8– Even Jill Stein has endorsed Donald Trump!

website: www.theuglytruth.wordpress.com

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