AIRED: 10-09-2016

Our most loyal truthsayers from Wikileaks have dished up an October Surprise worthy of the name! A drop of 2,000 emails from Hillary Clinton’s former Chief of Staff, John Podesta packed with insight to the malevolent mind of a Sociopath running for President. Hillary calls all of us in the 99% a “Bucket Full of Losers.” She says we “lack social capital,” which she contrasts to Wall Street, “full of “talented and principled people.” My, my, what praise! One of the highlights, she explains the need for a private policy versus a public policy–because “we all know those private deals in backrooms might get people a little upset.” Oh yes, she did! And THAT”S WHY journalists are talking about…. Trump’s leaked audio, how he tried to pick up a beautiful woman, and she turned him down, because she’s married! Oh no, he didn’t! The shock! The outrage! The DISTRACTION– Our guests, Scott Bennett and Michael Jay Anderson discuss why Hillary’s so panicked– the tightening polls that show a dead heat in battleground states, the powerful enthusiasm of Trump voters, Hillary’s ugly hypocrisy as the wife of a serial sex predator, who’s raped and sexually harrassed women for a life-time. And most fun of all, the desperation of Establishment politicians that see the Exit Sign in the Capitol Building. There’s 30 days until the election–and the Establishment’s fighting viciously to hold control! No doubt it’s going to get uglier, but We Are Going to Win!

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