AIRED: 09-18-2016

Screaming tantrums, physical attacks on White House staff, & arbitrary threats of firing — ex- Secret Service Officer Gary Byrne exposes the real Hillary Clinton in his outstanding best seller. “Crisis of Character” is a bombshell and definitely the most important book of the year. Byrne exposes the media’s “darling” Hillary as a bitter, angry, erratic and out of control tyrant, You won’t hear this on CNN, which has blacklisted Gary Byrne. Voters be warned: You’ll come away with a jarring certainty that Hillary’s deeply sexist and elitist, where the rules of law and human decency apply to everybody else. Is America ready for a Dictatorship? We say no way— Starts at 5 minute mark.

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You can feel it in the air. The relentless destruction of Ukrainian cities. Skyrocketing food and energy prices on the home front. It’s only a matter of time before Washington resorts to its tried and true strategy for deflecting blame for failure. The False Flag. Targeting frustrations on an “enemy” foreign or domestic who threatens...

AIRED: 04-10-2022