AIRED: 09-18-2016

Screaming tantrums, physical attacks on White House staff, & arbitrary threats of firing — ex- Secret Service Officer Gary Byrne exposes the real Hillary Clinton in his outstanding best seller. “Crisis of Character” is a bombshell and definitely the most important book of the year. Byrne exposes the media’s “darling” Hillary as a bitter, angry, erratic and out of control tyrant, You won’t hear this on CNN, which has blacklisted Gary Byrne. Voters be warned: You’ll come away with a jarring certainty that Hillary’s deeply sexist and elitist, where the rules of law and human decency apply to everybody else. Is America ready for a Dictatorship? We say no way— Starts at 5 minute mark.

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My beloved friends and family at TFR— This is my last show on TFR. I can scarcely believe that 10 years ago, on Sept 7, 2013, I kicked off my first show interviewing Vince Palamara on his book, “Survivor’s Guilt” on the Kennedy assassination. Through all these years, your love and encouragement has meant the...

AIRED: 02-19-2023