AIRED: 09-10-2016

Today’s interview with David Balakala rips away the fabrications of Hillary Clinton & her media propagandists, by describing real actions on the streets of Crimea and Donbass. Two years after Crimea’s voter referendum to rejoin Russia, there’s No Regrets– and No Russian Buildup, only war games last week that showcased Russia’s powerhouse strength. Not so on the other side of the border. In Ukraine, hard core Right Sector ultra-nationalists are on the move. NATO’s the aggressor, Balaklala insists in what could be a trigger point for World War III. Balaklala’s interview breaks through the deception. Americans are getting duped, but the consequences of Ukraine’s ultra-national obsessions could destroy us all!

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My beloved friends and family at TFR— This is my last show on TFR. I can scarcely believe that 10 years ago, on Sept 7, 2013, I kicked off my first show interviewing Vince Palamara on his book, “Survivor’s Guilt” on the Kennedy assassination. Through all these years, your love and encouragement has meant the...

AIRED: 02-19-2023