AIRED: 08-28-2016

Former CIA Case Officer Phil Giraldi discusses the dangerous escalation in Syria and Turkey, as President Obama plays Hillary Clinton’s war games against Putin and Russia. Putin has already warned, “If it’s Hillary Clinton, it’s war!” This week shows why. An illegal U.S. invading force threatened to shoot down Russian or Syrian planes that challenge U.S. backed Islamic rebels. Meanwhile, Putin delivered an olive branch to Erdogan, who appeared to snub NATO. The one bright spot is that America’s nukes appear to have been removed from Incirlik Air Base. But the picture of what’s ahead if Hillary’s elected should scare the hell out of voters. In the second hour, Jim Fetzer talks Hillary’s health; DNC voter fraud, the shocking murders of THREE antagonists of the Clinton Crime Family– Seth Rich, Shawn Lucas and John Jones. And Jim talks in depth about the mountain of evidence that Hillary acted as a political prostitute, selling policy decisions for tens of millions of dollars in cash donations to the Clinton Foundation. We both thank Wayne Madsen for his outstanding research providing explicit details of how Clinton Cash works. Hillary should be President of inmates at Danbury Prison, but she should never get the keys to the White House.

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