WHOSE COUNTRY IS THIS? Hillary vs America’s 99% >>


AIRED: 08-27-2016

A powerful show on why Democrats need to read the fine print in Hillary Clinton’s Contract On America. Bernie-crats should be alarmed by Hillary’s Transition Team headed by . Ken Salazar. Today’s guests, Scott Bennett, Paul Preston & Michael Jay Anderson shout from the rooftops how Hillary’s so cocky about her “anointed” status, she’s already showing Bernie voters the Exit Door. Core Progressive values beloved by Bernie-crats, like opposition to fracking, the Trans Pacific Partnership and the Keystone Pipeline, are Dead on Arrival. Wake up, America! Hillary’s not ours! She’s wholly owned by the 1%– Wall Street, Big Banks & the elite. Once she’s got Your Vote, she’ll be finished with you!

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AIRED: 04-10-2022