AIRED: 06-26-2016

Today’s guest, former BBC journalist Tony Gosling talks about the forceful backlash to cripple Britain’s populist exit from the European Union. Despite record high voter tutrn out (72%) exceeding General Elections, Tony shows how the globalist losers are sowing mischief and chaos. Tory Prime Minister David Cameron’s resignation was the first in an onslaught that’s now shaking up the Labor Party, as dead-weight (Tony) Blair-ites politicians grab their marbles and stomp home. The fall out is legion– But take comfort in the advice of your American cousins, Brits: The old is out the door, making way for new faces and voices. It will be a rough few weeks, for sure. But Jeremy Corbyn’s got a chance to reshape the Labor Party’s Shadow Government to more closely resemble the working people of Great Britian. A little chaos is a good thing! Game on!


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