AIRED: 06-05-2016

This is a “must listen” show! A brilliant and fascinating insider look at the origins of NATO’s war with Libya, as told by “Al Fatah,” a former Libyan Intelligence operative under Gadhaffi, who for many years was also a political opponent. Together we “fact check” Hillary Clinton’s major foreign policy speech this week. “Al Fatah” provides a raw examination of life under Gadhaffi, the flourishing Libyan economy at the time of NATO’s attacks; and the pure practice of democracy among 2,000 tribal bedouin families, which Gadhaffi had united. “Al Fatah” points out the different motivations behind opposition to Gadhaffi from Iran, Qatar & Saudi Arabia, the European Union and Washington. “Al Fatah”s identity must be protected because she travels frequently between Europe & Libya, where she’s helping to fight ISIS. The first half hour discusses her visit to Cuba, realizing that Cuba & Libya have carried on a decades-long friendship.


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AIRED: 02-19-2023