AIRED: 05-22-2016

Tony Gosling explains why BIlderberg and German banksters are screaming bloody murder over Britain’s upcoming vote on exiting the European Union. It’s become clear that Europe is a tinderbox of discontent poised on the throes of Revolution. The game is up! Tony provides a detailed history of the European Union’s experiment, which Margaret Thatcher warned would “end this nation’s sovereignty and transfer power to 13 un-elected bankers.” Unquote. Britain is the first to vote on exiting the EU, but many others are questioning Germany’s eclipse of power on the European stage, achieving super dominance at a cost of all other nations self interest. But will Germany and Bilderberg let them go?? Or is the break up too late? We’ll find out at the annual Bilderberg Meeting in Dresden, Germany, scheduled two days after the California Primary. That’s when the Bilderberg’s anointed candidate, Hillary Clinton is expected to emerge as the Democrats’ nominee for President. Must be a coincidence!


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