BERNIE VS TRUMP —Who Does America Trust?? >>


AIRED: 05-21-2016

An epic show down as Fortune’s Wheel spins again! Our guests, Dr. Allen Roland talks about the California Primary, voter suppression, and “scorched earth” threats from Bernie Sanders! While media pundits screech in alarm, Democrats are clearly headed for a Contested-Convention in Philadelphia. Meanwhile Scott Bennett defends Trump from accusations that he’s a Camouflage Candidate. Where’s America headed? Who knows! But it’s a helluva ride!

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You can feel it in the air. The relentless destruction of Ukrainian cities. Skyrocketing food and energy prices on the home front. It’s only a matter of time before Washington resorts to its tried and true strategy for deflecting blame for failure. The False Flag. Targeting frustrations on an “enemy” foreign or domestic who threatens...

AIRED: 04-10-2022