AIRED: 05-08-2016

A powerful and heart-wrenching interview with Joseph Hickman, former Sergeant of the Guard at Guantanamo Prison on his two Must Read books, “Murder at Camp Delta” and “The Burn Pits.” Hickman blows the whistle on the most important national security crises of our day– the torture abuse of prisoners at GITMO, including off-site CIA interrogation practices, sensory deprivation, forced injections of MK Ultra hallucigens and grossly inhumane living conditions. Hickman delivers a powerful insider account of the 2006 Hunger Strikes at Guantanamo, which culminated in the torture death of 3 leaders of the hunger strikes, who got taken one night to an off-site CIA torture center, and the miraculous survival of a 4th torture victim. Officially the three deaths were attributed as suicides by the US military, though Hickman attests he saw the bodies, and observed severe bruising, needle marks and how the three victims had been tied together at their throats, with rags stuffed in their mouths. His second book, “The Burn Pits,” owes much to thousands of military documents released by Pvt. Bradley Manning now Chelsea Manning, serving 35 years in prison at Fort Leavenworth. Documents shed light on the “Burn Pits” — the military practice in Iraq and Afghanistan of burning old weapons, toxic waste, supplies of mustard gas. Hickman exposes that 60,000 soldiers have complained of severe medical conditions to the Veterans Administration, including the rarest cancers and bronchial ailments attributed to the Burn Pits. Yet in typical fashion, the VA has denied their requests for military benefits. When Capitol Hill was notified of the profound and chronic medical problems of veterans coming home from these wars, Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin responded by cutting $1.2 BILLION from the V.A budget, so he could finance some crappy weapons program the military does not want! Hickman provides a valuable and essential first-hand disclosure of America’s history and military actions. This truth has been paid for with blood and tears. The interview is very emotional and both books are must reading!

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