AIRED: 10-10-2015

“Maggie’s Hammer,” the new book by today’s guest Geoffrey Gilson is a fascinating true life spy thriller– and a Must Read! It relates Gilson’s private investigation of the unexplained murder of Margaret Thatcher’s favorite speechwriter, Hugh John Simmonds in 1988, who was Gilson’s best friend. An upcoming leader of the Tory Party, Hugh died in a woods near his village in Britain, without leaving any suicide note for his wife and three young children. Police pounced on $7 MILLION missing from his law firm’s bank account… but where did it come from? and what was it for? When Geoffrey Gilson promised his family to discover the truth, he found he had jumped into the deep end of the dangerous world of international arms deals, covert intelligence operations and high level political corruption that goes straight to Margaret Thatcher, Saddam Hussein, and the world’s most dangerous arms traders and assassins, Monzer Al-Kassar, also known as the “Prince of Marbella” and “grandfather of terrorism.” Al-Kassar once put a contract out on your faithful host, through one of the Colombian drug cartels, while I was dealing with Syria and Libya on the Lockerbie negotiations. I think you’ll agree Maggie’s Hammer is an exciting romp that carries you along, as Gilson breaks through the public veneer of his friend’s life…and finds a spy.


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