AIRED: 09-20-2015

Today’s guest, Webster Tarpley dishes on the Republican Presidential candidates– what he describes as the battle between fascists and reactionaries– and the race to the bottom of polling favorites. In the race for 2016, American voters are taking a sledgehammer to both major parties, a U.S. equivalent to the Arab Spring that Tarpley warns is flirting dangerously with fascism, akin to Mussolini and Spain’s Franco. Throughout, Tarpley talks about the visionary ideas embodied in the new Tax Wall Street Party, which supports a 1% tax on Wall Street trading to generate funds needed to rebuild U.S. infrastructure, and also proposes nationalizing the Federal Reserve. This is Tarpley at his best, packed with historical perspective on pitfalls and what’s necessary to sustain a viable American Century. Tarpley takes down Rand Paul and Donald Trump as a billionaire bully. In the second hour, he rounds out his artillery on the Republican candidates! From Jeb Bush (the Dynasty must be defeated) to Carly Fiorina (CIA, CIA, CIA…a slash and burn job destroying Gordon Gecko) to Chris Christie (goon, bully, enforcer) to Ben Carson (masking GOP hypocrisy on racism)…. Tarpley’s analysis is packed with research and historical insight.


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AIRED: 10-30-2022