AIRED: 09-12-2015

Today’s guest, anti-war activist John Mesler delivers a fascinating travel log from inside war-torn Syria. At a time when Europe’s Refugee crisis engulfs the air waves, and foreign fighters have flooded Syria from 85 countries paid by Saudi Arabia & Qatar, it’s never been more important to separate facts from propaganda and straight out fiction. John’s a warm hearted guest, who spent several weeks moving among Syrian people, without government handlers. It was a courageous action, and he shows a Syria & vigorous support for President Bashar Al Assad that will surprise most listeners. Mesler traces the roots of Syria’s war to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey— and the Good Ole U.S.A! In doing so, he shows us the solution which Washington must be persuaded to accept: cutting off funds for Syrian jihadists.


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AIRED: 10-30-2022