ISIS & the Refugee Crisis w/Phil Giraldi & James Morris >>


AIRED: 09-06-2015

Former CIA Officer Phil Giraldi and James Morris show how all of the chaos in the Middle East today, including the refugee crisis has been planned and welcomed by the Zionist-controlled United States. We talk about the Iran Deal and strategies already afoot in the Senate to undercut the deal after President Obama pushes it through. Washington’s slavish devotion to Israel is costing America a great deal of prestige and influence. Host Susan Lindauer asks the poignant question whether the refugee crisis is the leftist equivalent of a false flag operation under humanitarian cover, in order to shove NATO into the Syrian conflict, in a final attempt to overthrow President Bashir Assad. This is a must-hear program for those interested in the hijacking of the US and EU by Israel, and related events in the Middle east and beyond.


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