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AIRED: 08-29-2015

Wake Up, America! Your Government is Hijacked by Zionism! A great discussion today with James Morris and Stephen Sniegoski on Zionist controls in Washington, and the all out force of opposition amassing on J-Street against Obama’s Iran Deal.

“This is all the Zionist, Likudnik Oded Yinon’s plan for the Middle East, and that started with Iraq, it was put into play against Gaddafi in Libya, it’s in play now in Syria, in Lebanon, Yemen,” Morris said. “It’s basically to divide and conquer the enemies of Israel in the Middle East by creating sectarian and ethnic strife.” However as our interview goes on, it’s clear resistance is mounting from a surprising confluence of alliances of military leaders and veterans groups, who aren’t drinking Israel’s Kool aid anymore, and whose patriotism is above reproach. What’s more, on a subtle level, Israel has lost control of this narrative, as Israeli invested jihadists provoke a tidal wave of refugees into Europe– All of it is bankrupting Israel’s most trusted allies, and producing blowback on home institutions. Bankrupt governments can no longer afford to play Israel’s fiddler. European Corporations are rushing to do business with Iran, and the rest of the Arab world is increasingly off-market, as corporations require stability to engage markets. All of that is now gone. America has blown through its Great Century of global domination in a frenzy. Morris & Sniegoski possess a wealth of contacts directly entangled in these events. They give us an insider’s look at the deterioration of support for Tel Aviv. Who would be willing to take over its role as protector of Tel Aviv?? There appear to be no takers. This is a dynamic show…

website: www.america-hijacked.com

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