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AIRED: 08-15-2015

Today’s guests, Veterans Today columnist Dr. Allen Roland explains the rise of Donald Trump’s Kabuki theater and the tsunami politics of resentment that’s sweeping down on Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush. Scott Bennett joins us for a lively discussion of the surprise storm over Washington that’s already capsizing the political favorites, Jeb & Hillary, in favor of Trump and Bernie Sanders. Americans appear to be defeating Citizens United and the 400 Oligarchs, whose campaign cash typically decides elections. Over $100 MILLION in Jeb Bush’s war chest has done nothing to deflect Trump’s appeal to the disenfranchised, while Sanders is drawing audiences of 30,000 and 40,000 at every whistlestop. Election 2016 has turned on its head. What are the 1 percenters going to do??? Will they push Joe Biden into the ring for to hold the status quo, promising it’s “morning in America??” Who will they choose to replace “the Donald” now that favorite son, Bush Boy II looks like a Toad whose princess looked & said, “Yuch!”???? Will Carly Fiorina replace Hilary Clinton as the first female nominee for President?? Check out Bernie Sanders’ power drive in Iowa and New Hampshire (and) California (and) Oregon (and) Washington, (and) Minnesota). Dr. Roland’s arguments will give you hope for America. The cheers for resistance are deafening! It’s a surprise for us, too, who have fought so long alone, believing America was comatose. Now this??? We’ve got a good fight ahead in 2016, people! What a country!!!


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