AIRED: 07-26-2015

Anti-War activist and film maker, Joe Calhoun joins us for a spirited discussion on the Iran Deal, and the much welcomed peace wave sweeping over the Obama Administration at the highest levels. Though the Iran Agreement faces fierce questioning in the days ahead, there’s no doubt that one scrap of land will be saved from future bloodshed in the Middle East— In Washington, Israel has launched a full court press to strop it, but the United Nations Security Council has already executed its vote in favor of engagement and economic cooperation. Joe Calhoun talks about the fickle nature of the anti-war leadership, including the strange, but unmistakable conversion of John Kerry to peace srchitect in Iran. It’s a whole new day for Zionists in Washington. Have they really fallen out of favor?? It’s a passionate conversation. Hope you will check it out.

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