AIRED: 07-05-2015

Today’s guest, military expert Scott Bennett provides a brilliant analysis of why and how the United States could face a battle over IMF austerity similar to Greece in the relatively near future. Corporate Socialism favoring defense corporations is replicating European problems with cradle to grave social welfare benefits, with the difference that only powerful elite benefit from military spending in the United States, whereas in Europe at least those benefits are enjoyed by the entire population. Bennett and your faithful host, Susan Lindauer are clear that Defense Corporations are totally separate from U.S. military forces, who do not enjoy sufficient pay, disability or Veterans health benefits. Defense spending amounts to corporate socialism and corporate welfare. Nevertheless the impact of bankrupting our society mirrors the Greek outcome exactly. Our interview examines why IMF austerity controls on the United States could trigger a major economic restructuring, and what form of collectivism could arise. Another fascinating show with Scott Bennett!

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