AIRED: 06-20-2015

This is one you’ve got to hear! Whistleblower Scott Bennett talks about Dov Zakheim, Eric Holder, and the politics stopping a real investigation of terrorist financing by Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) and HSBC. Scott talks about his major push to force Congress to tackle this beastly financial network that’s feeding, growing and perpetuating ISIS and Islamic Jihadi groups from Libya and North Africa all the way through Syria, Turkey and Iran. Who’s protecting the Commerce of Terrorism? The answers are shocking. If you’re angry like we are, and you want action, Scott Bennett urges listeners to call Senator Ron Johnson in Washington DC at 202-224-4751, or email [email protected] Demand that Scott Bennett be sworn to testify at a whistleblower hearing. Senator Johnson has indicated he’s committed to supporting whistleblower disclosures: Scott Bennett’s disclosures, if acted upon, could put Real Terrorists out of business for Good without sacrificing the lives of a single American soldier. Isn’t it high time America finds another way to confront this problem??

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