AIRED: 05-16-2015

Today’s guest from the Liberty Group in Montana, Cyrellis Geibendach [pronounced Kyr-ell-is Giv-en-dah] takes a wholly different look at Jade Helm 15 military exercises from the standpoint of the Yellow Stone caldera, and questions about potentially dangerous geological experimentation there. Apparently hollow point bullets aren’t the only eye popping expenditures in federal circles out West. Somebody has purchased 2 million liquid metric tons of helium 6 and an equal part of methane gas— Signs show geologists are drilling horizontally into the Yellowstone Caldera, pumping in the helium 6 gas to such extent that pockets of helium gas are bubbling to the surface. Long and the short of it, Cyrellys describes why that’s potentially combustible in an already dangerous geologic setting. Western listeners will recognize that a Yellowstone eruption would be cataclysmic. Logic would tell us “Don’t mess with Mother Nature.” Cyrellys shares her ideas why that’s happening… and how it intersects with the greater Jade Helm agenda. This is a fascinating analysis. Hope you enjoy it!

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