AIRED: 05-02-2015

An action packed interview— Roy Potter delivers the punch on JADE HELM 15, and why that threat has real world significance. As Roy tells it, the Feds don’t play with military toys & training that they don’t expect to use on the field. With JADE HELM that field has come home. Even the Russians are saying it’s a military training exercise with one purpose: Invasion and Conquest. Only now the target is us. Five Walmarts have closed in Texas alone, allegedly for plumbing renovations. Since when, Roy asks, do military contractors perform civilian plumbing repairs vehicles– unless perhaps Walmarts need extra bathrooms & shower stalls for doubling as intake camps. No question we’re closer to the edge of a major political shift than anybody wants to acknowledge. The Red Lists are dried ink on the page. JADE HELM marks the graveyard burial of Posse Comitatus. Your illustrious radio host, Susan Lindauer, tells a real-life story of what NDAA will feel like, stuck on a military base, threatened with “indefinite” detention, where the guards push family & attorneys away with rifles at the ready, saying there’s no prison and no inmate by your daughter/husband/son’s name… Be Afraid, my Friends. Be very, very afraid. RIP America.


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AIRED: 10-30-2022