AIRED: 04-26-2015

Posse Comitatus Rest In Peace. Today’s show goes straight to the heart of darkness, how JADE HELM 15 stands to intersect with the Patriot Act to propel the US into martial law. Kenny Rhoades talks about Bundy Ranch & the rising push back of ordinary Americans waking up fast to the tumultuous times. Meanwhile your faithful host, Susan Lindauer recounts her own ordeal as the 2nd non-Arab American ever arrested on the Patriot Act, despite a career legacy opposing violence. We talk about what it means to face Secret Charges, Secret Evidence, Warrantless Searches, and detention without trial. America has hit a tipping point. Kenny Rhoades argues that unless we come out harder now, frightened Feds will steamroll us all, in fear of their own mediocrity and incapacity to address our nation’s woes. A great show!

website: www.ExtremePrejudiceUSA.wordpress.com

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AIRED: 10-30-2022