AIRED: 04-25-2015

Whistleblower Stew Webb takes us down memory lane, for an expose ofthe worst housing corruption scandals in American financial history– the Savings & Loan Crisis that wiped out local community banks across America in the 1980s, and its links to political pay offs. In graphic detail, Stew shows how the same criminal class of elite, all tied to the Bush Family and close circle of allies, have recycled those financial scams that are playing out today. It’s all hauntingly familiar. Unhappily for America’s Middle Class, the stakes have never been so high in the US economy. Stew delivers a staggering litany of corrupt practices and criminal logistics by the same Dirty Dozen Skull & Bones’ crowd. How low will they go?? Stew’s interview shows it’s very low indeed. Check it out!


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AIRED: 04-10-2022

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