AIRED: 04-18-2015

A mind-blowing interview that shatters the hijacking myth behind 9/11 Rebekah Roth’s book “Methodical Illusion” relies on 30 years of airline flight attendant experience & thousands of hours of research. Written as fiction, sales are breaking the info barriers full throttle force into the mainstream. More shattering, because it’s all researched based on airline protocols for “real” hijackings! Rebekah delivers the goods and names the culprits: Daniel Lewin, an Israel Defense Forces Assassin with hostage training, in the Terrorist seat 9B. Phenomenal! After copious research, Rebekah concludes 2 flight attendants from each plane were removed to a hangar, and told they were participating in NORAD military training exercises (ongoing that day), whereby mirage flights were popping on and off screen to simulate hostile enemy aircraft in sovereign US airspace. Those cell phone calls, which do not work above 1,500 to 1,800 feet– never at an altitude of 35,000 feet in the air– all of those pesky props that have been holding up the 9/11 myth, all of it makes sense in a proper context! (And yes, she thinks everybody’s dead!) Rebekah is riveting! Don’t miss this interview!

website: www.methodicalillusion.com

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