AIRED: 04-11-2015

In a wide ranging conversation, political commentator Erik Rush takes on the harbingers of major coming crisis– an economic collapse into austerity. We talk about Ferguson, bail-ins, Hilary, how Erik got “Swatted” on the day of the Boston Marathon Bombing, race relations, the militarization of police, and the rash of police shootings. He describes an elite deluded into the belief that they can escape to an isolated island, where they will be immune to the urban pressures and unrest soon to strike the rest of us. Erik Rush examines many of the crisis points on the US faultline: the coming bail-ins, a bureaucracy of Zombie Democrats in the White House, the perils of attacking each other, while the enthroned elite claw to survive. Will the Sheeple need a false flag terrorist attack to push the country on track to martial law? Was the Boston Marathon Bombing a push that failed? Erik’s decidedly convinced something bigger is happening right now, A very smart and thoughtful commentary… Hope you’ll check it out!

website: www.instigatornews.com

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