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AIRED: 03-29-2015

Internationally reknowned anti-war leader, KEN O’KEEFE joins us today for a wide ranging discussion of War & Peace in America’s Imperialist World, and the changing paradigm as Washington enters a condition of steep, permanent decline. We talk about the State of Israe, the election of Bibi Netanyahu, the “devil we know,” and the implosion of American security as a result of chasing the vision of a Greater Israel, which has accelerated the collapse of Washington’s power on the global stage. Ken O’Keefe is an Irish-Palestinian citizen and former U.S. Marine veteran who attempted to renounce US citizenship in 2001. O’Keefe led the human shield action in Baghdad before the US invasion of Iraq in 2003. He was also a passenger on the MV Mavi Marmara during the Gaza flotilla raid. O’Keefe delivers a beautiful testimonial to the paradox of the rise of activist power in the moment that Washington is faltering. He discusses the path to action that all of us have the capacity to take. You’ll understand why Kenneth O’Keefe is one of my all-time personal heroes.


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