AIRED: 03-21-2015

Today’s courageous guest, Sabine McNeill takes down the UK Court, which on Thursday attempted to kill the internationally notorious Child Sex abuse case at Hempstead Heath. The case involves 20 children and 70 adults, and includes graphic testimonials by 8 and 9 year old children of sexual activities, and bodily descriptions of their abusers that has made authorities so uncomfortable. “Sex on Wednesday” was part of school curriculum, as pedophilliac parents pulled kids from classes and took them to other locations, including non-working public toilets and a church basement for sex abuse. Children that cried were injected with knock out drugs, and medical exams show physical evidence of anal scarring. None of that moved the Judge, who declared it a fantasy, but delayed a ruling on who would hold future custody of the children. Ah, but our courageous guest, Sabine McNeill sometimes tearfully, but always strong, promises this fight has just completed its first round. Joined by a concerned barrister and Solicitor working on reduced fees, McNeill talked about the Appeal that’s coming next. Interpol has already been notified! This fight has been predicted to transform how Britain handles child sex abuse complaints. Not only are the children believable, because of their capacity to describe physical tattoos and moles of their abusers, but the public is more aware of the tendancy of British authorities to cover up these crimes. We hope you’ll listen here & support Sabine McNeill and the children of Hampstead Heath every chance you get!


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