AIRED: 02-28-2015

Was the measles outbreak at Disneyland a false flag to pressure families to submit to mandatory vaccinations?? Today’s guest, Dr. Rima Laibow strips away the hype and social paranoia that’s driving American parents to submit to mandatory vaccinations for their children, without question or challenge to the actual benefits or health risks of immunizations. Dr. Rima explains vaccine links to autism, and discloses that fully 75% of the 110 Measle cases at Disneyland were already FULLY VACCINATED– and the other 25% were PARTIALLY VACCINATED. In this interview, Dr. Laibow delivers a brilliant take down of the medical efficacy of vaccinations, with a fierce spotlight on the links to eugenics and the depopulation agenda, borne from the same elite Rockefeller source. To sign her petition on the White House website, opposing mandatory vaccinations, we ask everyone to go to tinyurl.vaccination isviolation. Dr. Laibow’s a great guest, and we’re delighted to have her back with us! Hope you’ll check this out.


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