AIRED: 02-07-2015

Today’s guest Alabama blogger, Roger Shuler shares his nightmare of imprisonment after exposing corruption in an old and powerful Alabama political family. After a two year investigation, Shuler had exposed a rising son in Republican circles, who paid for his mistress to get an abortion. In a case eerily reminiscent of John Edwards’ mistress and love chld, he then paid hush money to the mistress to stay silent and protect his career. When he was exposed– as a pro-life, anti-abortion politician who demands privileges for his own family that he seeks to deny other women, this scion of Alabama’s most prominent political family twisted the courts to block exposure of his hypocrisy to Alabama’s Pro-Life voters. In the resulting defamation lawsuit, Shuler was subject to illegal arrest and imprisonment for 5 months, while the Court bullied him to take down those blog postings. Shuler describes getting beaten by police, and how the Courts denied the right to bail,to an attorney, or any discovery and rights to submit his proofs to a jury. This is a scary story, which our listeners need to hear. In all, Shuler got locked in prison for 5 months facing a sealed civil lawsuit— the contents of which he was not allowed to read or be informed of. Shuler is distinguished as the only journalist imprisoned in the whole United States in many years. All of us need to understand the frightening saga, because it’s happening with more regularity than most people currently are aware.


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