AIRED: 01-25-2015

Today’s guest, Al Fatah–a prominent Libyan woman activist maps out the Failed State of Libya with full geo-political impact, in a riveting interview. Observing all from the vantage point of frustrated Libyan peoples, whose security and prosperity were shattered irrevocably by NATO’s 60,000 bomb sorties, Al Fatah shows us Libya today, where the CIA believes many ISIL fighters are trained. We talk about the Citizens Committee to Investigate Benghazi, and the role of Ambassador Deborah Jones in managing the crisis. She shows a country where Libyans are ferociously fighting back against the Muslim Brotherhood, and discovering resilience and strategies for throwing off the wild cast of thieves, fools and psychopaths imported by Washington. She’s a great guest. We’re glad to have her back!


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AIRED: 10-30-2022