AIRED: 01-04-2015

Hard to believe it’s only 10 months since Asst Secretary of State Victoria Nuland orchestrated the Coup in Kiev. Today’s guest, east Ukrainian activist Dennis Schedrivy shows us how, with record speed, Ukraine is rapidly self destructing into a Failed State, like Libya and Somalia. Corruption has become a key growth sector in the economy, as US raiders plunder for wealth. Meanwhile Russia increasingly turns to China & BRICS for warmth in this new Cold War. With no thaw any time soon, the US petrodollar continues its irreversible slide into oblivion. Are we on the precipice of World War III? It certainly looks like 2015 will be a year of violent reversals. Schedrivy’s interview reminds us that a year ago today, Ukrainians never imagined they’d face such chaos or a return to Stalinist era loss of freedoms, either.

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