AIRED: 12-21-2014

Former radio host, Mike Hall takes us inside the implosion of the Rothschild’s financial empire. From Cuba to Ferguson to the Cold War heating up against Russia, Mike Hall shows us how a “divide and conquer” strategy are the Rothschild’s last gambit against a New Global Order that wants nothing to do with the Petrodollar and the Rothschild’s Debt Slavery. Mike shows us why those low oil prices are not a positive economic indicator lie Washington keeps promising, but a portent for a potential economic holocaust. It’s called BRICS [Brazil,Russia, India, China and South Africa], and it’s decidedly based on a gold backed currency. It spells the end of the Rothschilds’ pre-eminence, and an end to U.S ambitions of economic hegemony.

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AIRED: 10-30-2022