AIRED: 12-20-2014

The Boston Marathon Bombing with John Phillips! It’s a story the corporate media is not publishing…John has known the Tsarnaev brothers from the “herb culture” in Boston, a pseudonym for marijuana sellers. He shares personal conversations with young men who genuinely trusted the official story of 9/11; who had zero political philosophy; who voiced no rage against US policies in Iraq & Afghanistan. Instead, John portrays a very different picture of significance: MK Ultra “majestic mind control,” which Tamerlan insisted he was experiencing. John paints a portrait of Cambridge Society, with a great deal of knowledge about the workings of the Drug Unit at the Boston Police Dept, including historic links between the Drug Unit & MK Ultra preying on the Cambridge “Herb” Community.

Are the Tsarnaev Brothers guilty? Not Guilty? Whatever listeners choose to think, there’s serious and growing doubts they acted alone. Who provided technical assistance on building the bomb? That’s a very tricky task for a beginner reading instructions off the internet without blowing up your kitchen! Don’t try that at home!

Who carried multiple bombs to the single site? Video before the explosion shows each brother carrying a single black backpack. Yet several bombs exploded, and another was tucked under the bleachers where the Sandy Hook families were seated. But each brother should have been observed loaded down with 3 backpacks at least. Yet they’re not.

And why have so many witnesses died around the case? Why was Tamerlan killed?

You won’t hear any of this in the corporate media. Listen closely. When the trial starts in January, John will be back with more updates. It will be very interesting to see how the Feds try to cover their tracks…

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