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AIRED: 11-29-2014

My guest is Kevin Annett, human rights activist and author of HIDDEN NO LONGER– the story of Canada’s Genocide against Native peoples. From policies of tuberculosis contamination to forced attendance at Church Schools to Christianize their poor, lost souls… Annett takes listeners into the hypocrisy and tragedy on which our celebrated records as nations dedicated to human rights are borne. Sterilizations, methodical rapes of children, legal guardianship of adult indians as “wards” of the state for perpetuity, this is a shocker– more so, because Canadian policies continues to promote genocide of Indian peoples to this day. Annett also talks about the sexual abuses and ritual murders of children by the elites, and how exposure of church complicity forced the resignation of Pope Benedict and several top Archbishops and church leaders.

website: www.ITCCS.org

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