AIRED: 10-25-2014

Today’s guest, eastern Ukrainian activist, Denis Schedrivy puts a whole new perspective on a people’s right to bear arms, for the sake of protecting their families from a government spinning violently out of control. Schedrivy lays bare how fascist nationalism from Kiev in the West has provoked a backlash from the Donbass region of the east, which has now escalated beyond the point where reconciliation would be possible. Schedrivy describes blood thirsty private armies funded by wealthy oligarchs, and Nazi squads draped in SS Gestapo insignia. Meanwhile there’s pity for conscripts too poor to buy out of the Ukrainian national army–and the practice of butchering anyone who flees from fights against their fellow Ukrainians. Hundreds are declared MIA, while Ukraine officials have been caught on wire taps planning how to harvest their bodily organs for profit, carving up dying men on the field. Schedrivy shows why Ukraine has reached a point of no return, and the now overwhelming belief of eastern rebels that this must be a fight to the death.

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AIRED: 10-30-2022