AIRED: 09-20-2014

Today’s guest, Franklin Lamb delivers a tour de force of insight to Syrian Rebel fighters inside Jabhat Al Nusra and the Free Syrian Army from the vantagepoint of a neighborhood microcosm in the suburbs of Damascus. Based on immediate access & conversations with fighters, Franklin opens a whole new door on insight to the behaviors, the self-perceptions, the motivations– and the disillusionment of young Syrian jihadists. Some are every bit the Islamic radicals that they purport to be; others are young 18-25 year old men who see no future, no jobs, who really “want to die,” because they see the world as an ugly place that has no room for them. Franklin discusses the Syrian government’s strategies for clamping down the fighting, keeping open the schools– and the rising confrontations of Aunts & Uncles inside the neighborhoods, who are challenging the younger men to re-think their violent behaviors in the name of Islam. Franklin reveals that some of these boys voice a desire to cut their beards and flee to Turkey, to Italy, “anywhere but here.” Where can they go? How can they escape the Shariah they are forcing on everyone else? Franklin Lamb’s insights are fascinating directly from inside Damascus. In it, there are inklings of what must be done to stop this fighting, which the Jihadists are growing tired of. Check it out on “The Covert Report with Susan Lindauer.”


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