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AIRED: 09-14-2014

Truth refuses to back down for the comforts of Washington.! In back to back hours, Wayne Madsen & Les Jamieson share stories from the 13th Anniversary Commemoration of 9/11 in New York, proving why 9/11 has become inextricably connected to the psyche of our nation– despite the obvious failures of the corporate media to control the official story. In a first ever, Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth have commandeered the famous Times Square Bilboard, and are playing a 15 second digital video of the collapse of Building 7. Estimates are that 100,000 New Yorkers and tourists will be challenged to confront the controlled demolitin of Building 7 every day for the next month– a fantastic coup for the Truth Movement! In another first, two highly credible eyewitnesses have come forward at the 9/11 anniversary to share personal testimonials for the first time ever, including photographic evidence from the south side of the Towers. Photos clearly show non-commercial airlines flights striking the Twin Towers– Gray planes with no logo markings, and no windows in the back half of the plane, only in the front by the cockpit– One of the eyewitnesses clearly testified that she saw no pilot in the cockpit, either. There’s also damning photographs of a THIRD plane in the sky, what appears to be an AWAC, which could have the capability to provide a guiding mechanism for remote control piloting of drones. Pilots for 911 Truth will want to examine these photographs. Very soon we’ll get the witness on air for a live broadcast testimonial. It’s a great show! Many thanks to Wayne Madsen and Les Jamieson.

website: www.ae911truth.org/

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