AIRED: 08-24-2014

Today we’re honored that one of America’s heroes in the Truth Movement, former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney guests on “The Covert Report.” The 6 term Rep. from Georgia is highly revered for her determination to speak truth to power, taking on the People’s Causes— Today’s conversation looks at the State of America– from the Ferguson street protests to the Obama Presidency, to Israel’s military-style training of US police across the country. Calling Ferguson a practice run for a militarized police response, she warns that race relations is a false flag to splinter and divide the community. More than anything, Cynthia emphasizes the urgency of self empowerment and transcending gut fears that we can’t make a difference. Cynthia provides a fascinating backdrop of how cointelpro has been used to assassinate and discredit activist leaders in the past. Throughout our conversation, Cynthia delivers a constant message of the critical need to kill our fears, and replace doubts with confidence that each of us can make a difference and contribute to the solutions our society needs. It was a great show!


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