AIRED: 07-05-2014

Two Middle East experts join us today– “Al Fatah” a Libyan woman & favorite confidential source coming to us from an undisclosed location– and Franklin Lamb, the alternative media’s best known Mid East correspondent, reporting from Beirut. Al Fatah shows how & why Obama’s mid east policy has unraveled full-thread, requiring the capture of a patsy, Abu Khatallah, to create an illusion of action, while in fact hiding the guilty parties. Al Fatah shows how the Benghazi attack was actually a false flag that backfired when the US refused to send troops into Libya, as desired by US puppets on the losing end of the Civil War. In the second hour, Franklin Lamb explains the subtleties of ISIS’ efforts to woo the Palestinians, why the strategy is working, and why Palestinian activists in the refugee camps are calling on Hezbollah’s Secretary General Hasan Nasrallah to debate ISIS leader Bagdadi, on their strategies for handling the Palestinian problem. Lamb assures listeners that Lebanon’s about to explode, in palpable tension desperately excited by the murder of a Palestinian teenager in Jerusalem, who was set on fire alive, after gasoline was forced down his throat. Combined with ISIS, the new level of raging violence and rallying for justice might be the trigger that pushes the Arab world into an all out assault on Israel. What’s certain is that America’s Middle East has reached its end. Both Al Fatah and Lamb agree. A new era of “intifadah” is dawning that Washington has little influence to control.


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