AIRED: 06-15-2014

My guest today, Richard Presser, demonstrates penetrating insight on the axis of human consciousness, in a fascinating discussion on the universal push to reactivate all parts of human spiritual potential. For some this interview will be controversial. Topics range from past life recall, to ancient energy centers rediscovered from the time of Atlantis, to the Druids to the Knights Templar to Edgar Cayce and David Icke. Presser shows us the historical progression, as groups rise up to rediscover and retake teachings that have been lost. Presser discusses what it means to “channel” energies and the push to trigger a transformation in consciousness, at a time of spiritual death in society– or “exhaling” as Presser puts it, which must be followed by a new breath of choices. Will we reach the next level or will we fall? Those questions are at the core of this interview. Richard Presser offers a vast wealth of insight that’s mostly unknown to the rest of us!


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